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Brow shading technique is a perfect way to give your microbladed brows semi-permanent makeup effect that allows you not to worry about shading them regularly. It wears off in a similar way to your microbladed brows in a year thus you are not attached to one stule forever. It’ s a new and hot trend in the microblading world because it also allowd the result to look absolutely realistic.
Of course. Having professional SharpBrows semi-permanent makeup done basically means a flawless high definition microblading procedure. You can have it done in a similar way to an ordinary microblading procedure. However more and more clients (nowadays already the majority) prefer SharpBrows together with Browshading.

There are 3 main reasons girls want to have a BrowShading procedure on top of their eyebrows: 

1. Convenience. You simply do not have to perform any sort of makeup on your eyebrows – those are looking perfect all the time and the look is practically identical to perfect brow makeup.

2. Look and feel. There are girls that really want their brows to be enhanced with the SharpBrowsmicroblading procedure but they don’t want that to show – they want to have their brows look naturally perfect and that is exactly what Browshading gives them.

3. Cost. The semi-permanent makeup that a professional Browshading artist is able to perform on brows is quite often better and more exact than many women would be able to achieve themselves. Thus they prefer Browshading – the professional does it once and the result stays remaining beautiful for a year. For a client it simply means that no makeup is needed. Of course the cost saved by having to buy fewer brow makup products depends on concrete client’s preferences but usually the sum saved is remarkable (especially when the combined cost of browgels, browpowders, brow pencils and other brow makeup products is summed up).

Well it’s often a matter of taste first and foremost. Namely the difference that is achieved with the Browshading procedure just fills in all the caps in between the slices of microblading that imitate actual brow hair. If with just SharpBrows you’d still see that the brows have been microbladed (even if you have to take a close look) then with SharpBrows + Browshading it is practically impossible to detect it (even for brow-professionals themselves). The effect is basically the same you would achieve adding quality brow powder, using brow pencil and brow gel on your brows. Of course you are welcome to do that even after having Browshading procedure done but you don’t need to. When we first stared providing Browshading (at the end of 2015) clients loved it. Now more than half of our clients take the SharpBrows procedure together with Browshading.